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Name:don't you eva interrupt me when i'm readin' a book
Birthdate:Dec 23
Location:United States of America
a fictional endeavour
semi-friends only
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this is all fiction. it is lies and untruths. many of the characters within are not mine, and none of this ever happened. listen, if it's mine, i'll definitely let you know. all my fandom ramblings, fic announcements, meme promotions, etc., are unlocked. personal life details and whining are locked. if you're here for the fic, be sure to visit & follow [ profile] onyougo for all the most recent updates.

i tend to friend people i become engaged with, talk with, recognize, and enjoy. i also don't like a lot of drama and angst. fandom is my happy place, and i'm keeping it that way. if you friend me without leaving a note or saying hello, i'll assume your here for the fic. :D
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